Cultivating an environment
for exponential growth.

Cultivating an environment for exponential growth.

People + Growth + Action

Du Nord Consulting is your business compass. We are a total resource guiding your business through growth and lasting stability. Our focus is on developing the groundwork and pathways of support through consulting services, education and networking events specific to your needs.

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Our consulting services provide the business community with a total resource to create an environment for exponential growth and guide businesses towards growth and stability.

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We have developed a series of seminars and boot camps designed to take your business to the next level. Learn about upcoming events!


Connecting you to the right people

Meet Shannon

Shannon Berns is a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience. Shannon has a Master of Business Administration degree from Hamline University. Shannon is an entrepreneur who has participated in numerous ventures over the past ten years. Her resume includes experience in banking, Economic Development, marketing, and advertising. Shannon is Founder of Du Nord Consulting and the Non-Profit organization Ripple MN.

Shannon is an outdoor enthusiast who finds adventure in everything she does. She works directly with businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate their organization toward growth. Shannon believes that success begins with supporting and engaging a collaborative environment for our businesses and community. In your backyard or across the globe.


I have spent the last year with Shannon as my business consultant. At first I wasn't really sure what a business consultant did. I had a ton of great ideas, but never knew how to complete them. This last year I have taken my goals and sat down with Shannon and created a plan. One by one each step is completed with a process we designed for my business. If you feel like you're missing the key to your success, you're missing Shannon. She will be your compass to find your way.


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Shannon helped me embrace my core values and vision, as well as create a strategy to build Lakes Area Celebrations into the growing resource for the community it is becoming. I would recommend Du Nord Consulting to any business looking for help in creating a plan with action steps to turn their big dreams into achievements. It’s impossible to meet unset goals! Set your target and work hard to hit it.


Lakes Area Celebrations

Shannon Berns has a unique ability to successfully guide entrepreneurs through the business development process. Her solid business background and knowledge of current trends combined with her connections to the community provides a framework that allows start-ups to move forward in the development of their business idea. Shannon’s focused and customized approach enables business owners to make decisions with a high level of confidence.


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