Path Du Nord

Entrepreneur Development

The adventure of starting a new business is very exciting. Having a guide help you explore your idea, discover your mission and launch your new endeavor will save you time and money. We will keep you motivated and moving forward helping you through the challenges and joining in the excitement.

Strategic Planning

It is important to regularly step back and examine your business. Leaning on what has been done in the past becomes the core of ongoing strategy.We can reflect on those ideas of the past and build them into the future. Together we can create the growth and vision to navigate back to the path you envision for your company.

Employee Engagement

We will work together to understand your employees. What do they want or need? What will help them feel less stressed at work or at home? From there we will implement a strategy that will make them more productive and satisfied with their work while boosting productivity and your bottom line.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the root of our businesses yet it is the last thing focused on. No two businesses need the same things. Your organization is tailored to your uniquie industry, your marketing efforts should be too. Let us guide your organization and build a customized strategy.

Media Management

The media platforms that your business rests on tell your story. Your website, social media and traditional advertising should work together. Guiding you through a strategy that brings it all together is the first part. We can work together to manage and build the voice of your organization.